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All funds use the Multi Investment Strategy when choosing their investments.

This means that as much spread as possible is being applied to limit the risks associated with investing. Automatic increases in the value of shares are simply a thing of the past


It is important to make the right choice from the options with which you can hedge and spread those risks.The investment fund of EBC Plus find their benefits in the special moments in which companies are having the greatest chance of making profits and having their stock value increase. These are the moments at the beginning when a company conquers the market, when a company expands and when a new product or service takes its place on the market. These are the increases in the market value of companies that institutional investors are looking for. Thanks to its network in business, EBC Plus has access to companies where these moments occur. This is how you get the “plus” in your investments with EBC Plus.

Invest with profit sharing

EBC Plus is the right investment partner for you because we keep the costs down so that we can offer you a real profit share in our funds. This percentage generally is up to a maximum of 20% of the realized profit (high watermark). Certainly for longer-term investments, EBC Plus can offer a range of carefully selected investments following a thought out strategy in forming your portfolio. It is important to make the right choice from the options with which you can hedge and spread those risks. EBC Plus combines investing in opportunities with solid investments that serve as a basis for its funds.

Do you want to know how this can work to your advantage? Then read the brochure of our funds. 

EBC Plus benefits:

Disruptive investments;
Cancellation per month;
Quarterly interest payment;
+  Annually (5% - 7%)*; net;
+  Profit sharing per year (80%); 18%* net annually;
+  Optimal spread of assets;
24/7 Risk Monitor; clarity regarding the status of your investment.

Do you also want to invest in a fund that is built using the Multi Investment Strategy with the highest possible, but realistic, returns in prospect? EBC Plus brings the investments that are usually not within the reach of the private investor closer. We ensure that for your result, you are not dependent on an upward movement of the stock markets.

Are you anticipating to invest? Ask for the prospectus of our funds.

*  Interest rates are indicative, read the prospectus and the Essential Information Document (EID).


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